International Forum ATOMEXPO 2009   •   26–28 may 2009

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Day 1, 26 May    Day 2, 27 May      Day 3, 28 May

Plenary session «Nuclear Power Development. International Cooperation in Conditions of the World Financial Crisis»

Moderator: N. N. Spassky, Deputy Director General, SC Rosatom.

N. G. Kutyin , Chairman, Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service: «State Regulation of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Nuclear Facilities» ;


S. V. Kirienko , Director General, SC Rosatom: «Development of Russian atomic industry»;


Dr. S. K. Jain , Chairman, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (India): «Nuclear Power — Indian Experience»;


Luc Oursel , President, AREVA NP (France): «Nuclear Power Development. AREVA Perspective»;


Takuya Hattori , President, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (Japan): «Realization of Nuclear Renaissance: Role of Industry»;


Plenary session (continuation)«Nuclear Power Development. International Cooperation in Conditions of the World Financial Crisis»

Moderator: K. B. Komarov, Executive Director, JSC Atomenergoprom.

Yang Zhangli , Vice President, China National Nuclear Corporation: «Strengthening International Cooperation and Achieving Sustainable Development of Nuclear Energy»;

Yu.A. Nedashkovsky , President, NAEC Energoatom (Ukraine): «Development of Atomic Energy. International Cooperation» ;

K. B. Komarov , Executive Director, JSC Atomenergoprom: «Nuclear Industry Complex of JSC Atomenergoprom»;

A. A. Grigoriev , Director General, JSC Techsnabexport: «Russia's Presence in the World Uranium Market: Current State and Perspectives»;


T. V. Ivanov, L. T. Yanko, JSC Atomstroyexport: «Atomstroyexport Today: New Markets, New Solutions ".


Joint extended session of the Expert Board on the Nuclear Industry Legislative Support of the RF State Duma's Energy Committee and SC Rosatom's Commission on Legislative Activities: Legislative support of the nuclear industry development in current conditions

K. B. Zaitsev, Deputy Chairman, Energy Committee of the RF State Duma;

T. L. Yelfimova, Deputy Director General, SC Rosatom.


A. M. Agapov, Department Director, SC Rosatom: „On Eliminating Administrative Barriers and Enhancement of Efficiency of the Legal Regulation of Security with the Use of Atomic Energy for Providing Development of Atomic Industry in Modern Conditions“ ;


V. I. Kosogorov, Deputy Department Director, JSC Concern Energoatom: „Problems of Russian Legislation on the Stage of Design and Licensing Preparations for Construction of Power Units of NPPs“ ;


A. G. Khankevitch : „Problems of Regulatory Support of Innovative Activities in the Atomic Industry“


Day 1, 26 May     Day 2, 27     May Day 3, 28 May